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Safety berth for small crafts, pleasure boats and yachts
Information for navigators:
Chart of Kaliningrad sea - canal
Entering the Port of Baltiysk (berth ¹ 81) for port clearance
Port clearance
1 - Berth ¹ 81
2 - Customs and immigration
Entering the Marina Kaliningrad
Yachting recommendations
Please note that our marina is situated on the port side (northern side of the canal) right before the railway bridge. Landmark - portal crane and "Fishboat" store. You will find several wooden berths with mooring fingers in our marina.

Hereunder, to navigate in the Kaliningrad port waters the captains shall be well aware of the following by-laws:

1. Internationals Rules of Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREG - 72) are acting in territorial waters Russian Federation as well as in the Kaliningrad port waters.

2. The Rules of Navigation on Inland Water Ways of Russian Federation are acting on all rivers and non-sea canals. An exception to this is the mouth part of the Pregel river, downstream the railroad bridge as the former is considered to be incorporated into the Kaliningrad Seaway Canal (KSC)

Aids to navigation according to IALS (region «A») for safety voyages are set:

In the territorial waters;
In the Kaliningrad Lagoon;
In the Kaliningrad Seaway Canal.

This navigational aids include cardinal, lateral, axle marks as well as special - purpose and detached - danger marks. Aids to navigation for inland water ways are set on all other rivers and river canal of this region.

State control for safety navigation for all ships and craft safety navigation and operations relating to traffic management in the port waters are effected by Captain of the port of Kaliningrad via the Vessel Traffic Regulation (hereinafter - VTR).

The VTR directly provides shipping information support within the KSC passage to the east from mark ? 246 to the Kaliningrad city rail road bridge and when sailing in the Kaliningrad Lagoon - within the waters to the east from the meridian 20° 05' E. Radio communication shall be performed at VHF ch. 67, call sign «Kaliningrad Port Control». The VTR is located in Kaliningrad city.

The VTR directly provides shipping information support within the KSC passage to the east from mark ? 246 to the Kaliningrad city rail road bridge and when sailing in the Kaliningrad Lagoon - within the waters to the east from the meridian 20° 05' E. Radio communication shall be performed at VHF ch. 67, call sign «Kaliningrad Port Control». The VTR is located in Kaliningrad city.

The Vessel Traffic Service (hereinafter - VTS) provides navigational information support within/when sailing along the part of KSC from the outer roads to mark ? 246 and when sailing in the Kaliningrad Lagoon within the waters to the west from meridian 20° 05' E. When required or requested the VTS renders navigational assistance to ships positioned in the area from the entrance buoy ?1 to the abreast of the Baltijsk VTS tower . Radio communication shall be performed at VHF ch. 74, call sign «Baltijsk Traffic». The VTS is situated in Baltijsk city.

Navigation in territorial waters.

No preliminary permission of competent authorities is required to enter territorial waters. When sailing in territorial waters a thorough radio watch should be kept on VHF ch. 16. When being called by a net correspondent with a call sign «Vyshka» (land - based border guard) or with call sign «Velbot» (tm. coast guard ship) the ship is required to transmit the Coast Guard following information:

Ships name and national flag;
Port of departure, port of call, purpose of entering the territorial waters;
Number of people on board.

It is necessary to keep in mind that there are naval maneuvering and war game region extending to the north of Baltijsk city and to the north - west from cape Taran. With the navy ships being in this area it is strongly recommended to go round this region to avoid possible dangerous actions.

It is required to follow the navy ships commands to pass clear the dangerous area. Information regarding dangerous areas can be obtained in advance from «Notices for Mariners» or by radio ch.74, call sign «Baltijsk Traffic», as well as from navigational warnings received by NAVTEX.

At the open sea waters the VHF radio communications with the Maritime Rescue Communication Centre Kaliningrad (hereinafter - MRCC Kaliningrad) GMDSS Area - A1 is maintained round the clock on VHF ch. 16 and VHF DSC ch.70. Operational VHF are ch.3 and ch.7. Call sign - «Kaliningrad -1».

Arrival /Departure Port Waters

At the approaching to the port of Kaliningrad at the distance of 6 miles from the entrance breakwaters it is required to make a call by VHF ch.74, call sign «Baltijsk Traffic» for arrival permission.
On getting permission ships are allowed to enter the KSC and to proceed to a mooring place to undergo clearance procedures. Arrival or departure may be temporary prohibited or delayed only due to navy ships or caravan traffic at KSC.
It should be borne in mind that a special traffic schedule is designated for KSC (Local summer time - GMT + 3hrs for April - October period):

Seaside entrance time - 03:00 - 04:00 and 15:00 - 16:00
Leaving the port time - 08:00 - 11:00 and 20:00 - 23:00

It is necessary to have following documents in case of advancement of customs registration:

- Ship owner ticket with a copy;
- Passport with a copy of the first (photo) page;
- Crew list (passenger list).

Sport and pleasure craft is allowed to sail within the port waters only in the daylight time with not less than 6 cables visibility. Sail ships traffic along the canal is allowed only when self - powered or in tow. Depths in the canal are sufficient for yachts allowing them to make a close approach (15-20 m) to moles, dams and shore. When passing entrance moles is not recommended to be closely approach to the moles in case of tidal stream existence; these streams being of wind nature and reaching considerable speed of as much as 2-4 knots. Ships clearance without any pre-notice to authorities is effected as far as circumstances permit. This procedure depends on the authorities degree of involvement with other craft. The matter concerning the ships berth allocation in the port of Kaliningrad is to be settled and agreed with the port authorities prior to the ships enter clearance commencement. To expedite the clearance procedure your personal Kaliningrad acquaintances can make a pre-notice to the port authorities provided the ships arrival time is known to them.

Permissions for entering harbors as well as for ships navigation in the water area of the Baltijsk Navy Base is solely granted by the Duty officer of the Baltijsk Senior Marine Officer. When required such as permission can be asked by VHF ch.74 call sign «Baltijsk Traffic».
When sailing in the KSC under his own the ships master shall know the Kaliningrad port by-laws. Otherwise the pilot assistant is recommended.
Pilotage from the Baltijsk port area to the quays of the Kaliningrad port area can be on a pre-request basis. A pilotage application is to be submitted to the pilotage service 24hrs prior to, but not later than 4 hrs before the scheduled ships entrance, by fax: +74012 579478, or by e-mail addressed to Calling a pilot is to be done on ch. 67, call sign «Kaliningrad - 1». When violating the assign procedure the ships pilotage is provided as far as circumstances permit.
The southern side of the canal is marked every 100m with painted white boards with figures (pickets). They indicate the distance measured in hundreds meters from the canal entrance. Pickets with figures, red-painted, indicate the distance in thousand meters.
Additional information can be obtained by VHF communication as recommended below:
Subscriber name
Call Sign
VHF channel
The Border Guard Division Baltijsk
The Customs Control Division Baltijsk
Pilotage service
Dispatch office JSC «Commercial Sea Port
of Kaliningrad»
Dispatch office FSUE «Kaliningrad Sea
Fishing Port»
Duty Inspector of ISPC
Port controller of the port Pionersk
PIONERSKIJ - 33 (49)
When navigating by the KSC sport and pleasure craft shall keep clear of the fairway or proceed along its edge. But, to avoid bottom contact it is not recommended to make a crossing far beyond the boundaries of the line connecting the nearest buoys or direction side marks. Mooring to protective dykes, navigation marks, buoys as well as entrance to enterprise harbors are prohibited.
If, due to some reasons, a small craft not equipped with VHF radio station gets stuck in the fairway having no self-power to proceed there from, the person navigating such a craft should give warning signals to the approaching ship by swinging ones arms and at night time - by circular movements of a lantern.
Recommendations to all sport and pleasure craft to be followed in the area from picket ?350 to the Kaliningrad city Railroad bridge are as follows:
- Speed limit is 25 km/hr
- Navigation route is assigned along the Pregel right bank at a 20 m distance from the shore line, with being left southward.
Kindly ask you to send the report beforehand.

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